Unparalleled Service

Muir Salon Group believes that, in our business, there is no room for compromise. Providing top-notch service is our priority and we ensure that every salon we manage is operating efficiently and professionally, always meeting the needs of the residents. Our operations managers regularly visit each community to directly monitor the quality of care and service being provided and to offer guidance where there is room for improvement.

Financial Management

Operating a salon among other facility priorities is a challenge, and there is much to manage. Licensing, inspections, recruiting, service implementation, marketing, equipment maintenance, accounting, payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation, gratuities, and budgeting for cost of goods—Muir Salon Group assumes responsibility for all these critical items.

We operate with full transparency, providing each community with online, up-to-the-minute access of their salon’s financial data. 


Recruiting and hiring the most qualified professionals for both salon service and salon management is the most crucial support we provide. Our decades of experience provide us the sophistication to hire staff who are uniquely qualified to serve the particular needs of this salon niche and its clientele.

Muir Salon Group values and takes care of its salon professionals, providing eligible employees and their dependents with fully paid medical and other health and insurance benefits.

Salon Marketing & Event Planning

As communities expand their services to become more resort-like, it’s important that your salon plays an important role in that vision. Our clients appreciate that we take responsibility for promoting the salon through simple, non-solicitation marketing and an ongoing calendar of positive, enjoyable experiences.

We believe an active and creative salon can become a community hub. Let our passion for creating a positive salon experience draw the attention and engagement of your residents.

Salon Design

While truly good design is an art form, bringing it to life requires a reliable, proven process. At Muir Salon Group, we start with intense listening and dialogue to uncover our clients’ hopes and exact vision. Then we work to bring it alive—simply, strategically and colorfully.

From floorplan schematics, color, material, furniture selection, wall coverings, window treatments and more, we work with you to design a salon that is unique to your site’s style and business values. 

Billing Services

Muir Salon Group’s technology makes billing for services easy. Our program can be tailored to meet your accounting requirements—thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of salon charges. Through our proprietary client management system, many communities have been able to reduce their cost of managing the billing process.

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